1. Placing my order

You can order through our online shop at any time. Just browse through our products based on your necessity; from cake style, flavours and designs to other delicious products that we produced. Our products are categorized by days that are required for ordering. Some products are readily available and some require advance notice, please be sure of this before making your purchase. You will receive an email if your order is accepted and successful.

 2. What are my payment options?

Our online shop uses secured SenangPay payment gateway. We accept all methods of online payments including credit/debit card, e-wallets and e-banking and for overseas transactions, you can select Stripe.  

3. Do you provide cake knife and candles?

Yes, we do. All of our retail cakes come with 1 plastic knife and 1 metallic candle. If you need to purchase more candles, select the option you want in the "add-on option" on each individual product page or you can browse through more choices in our "candles & cake decorations" page.

4.  Can I add a personalised message on the cake?

You sure can! Please visit our Cake Accessories page and select the type of message you prefer. Then, please add your personalised message on the comment/note section during checkout. Charges apply. 

5. How far in advance can I place my order?

You can order your cake up to 1 month in advance before your delivery/pickup date.

6. Can I change my order once it is placed?

You can change your order 48 hours before delivery or pickup time, granted that it is still within the price range that you have paid. For big or last minute changes, please call us at +603-27333117 to talk to our staff and see if we can accommodate your request. For cancellation and refund, refer to our "cancelation & refund policy" page.


1. What is the weight of your cakes?

For our retails cakes, we only go by its width, in inches and not by weight as all of the vary according to flavours and decorations.

2. How many layers does your retail cake have?

All of our 6 and 7 inches cake have 3 layers while our 9 inches cake has 2 layers of cake with the exception of our cheesecakes and designer cakes. 

3. What is your portion size?

6-inch: Feeds approximately 8 -12

7-inch: Feeds approximately 12 - 16

9-inch: Feeds approximately 16 - 25

4. Do you have vegan/gluten free options?

For the time being, we only have eggless and a limited range of gluten-free products. This option is limited to certain cakes and upon special request only. 


1. How do you deliver your cakes?

All purchases made through our online shop will be delivered by our Lalamove partner. The delivery charge will be reflected and paid during checkout. Shall you choose self-pickup and cannot make it yourself, you can arrange for any external delivery service to collect your product. 

2. Can I arrange pickup using third party e-hailing service?

Yes. You can make the arrangement with your preferred delivery service however, we are not responsible for any damages. Please ensure that you select car service if you are ordering whole cake or cupcakes from us to ensure their safety throughout the delivery process. 

3. Do you deliver retail products on Sunday?

No. We are closed on Sunday. Shall you need a cake for Sunday, you can place an order for delivery or pickup on Saturday evening before we close at 5pm.

4. What are your delivery charges & areas?

We cover most areas in the Klang Valley and Selangor area, according to Lalamove's coverage. The charges depend on the address that you key into the delivery address section. 


1. Can I store my cake overnight if I pickup in advance?

Yes. You can keep your cake overnight in your fridge at home. Please ensure the cakebox is fully covered so the cake will not absorb any odours from the fridge, or get damaged. 

2. What is the best way to transport my cake if I choose self-pickup?

The best way to ensure the safety of the cake is to make sure that it is placed on a flat surface in your cake. Do not put on passenger's seat as they are usually tilted and will cause the cake to slide off the base. 

3. How long can my cake lasts in the fridge?

Up to one week (except the Princess Cake and Ultimate PGM due to the fresh custard filling, 4 days tops), however we suggest that the cake is consumed within 3 days, for the best possible experience. 

4. Are the cakes best eaten directly from the fridge?

Most of our cakes are butter-based, hence it is best served slightly at room temperature to soften up on the inside. We recommend to remove it from the fridge about 60 minutes prior to serving, and place it in an air-conditioned room to "thaw" out.